Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Rules

So, rather than go through the whole hassle of ordering formal stationary for our rehearsal dinner invites, I whipped up a few samples of postcards on! I've purchased them, so we can actually see what they look like in real life, but for now here's a few font samples and picture options. The best part? Try only $30 to make these for 30 rehearsal dinner guests versus $100 for formal stationary.

The only way these wouldn't work out is if the Lightfoot restaurant wants guests to pre-select their menu options. In this case, we'll need to work with Bella Figura again (since they're offering us a discount) for formal stationary and reply cards. I'm waiting to hear back from Chris' mom before we go any further. For now, I'm collecting stationary samples, but I have to say: of everything I've looked at, these postcards rock the house.

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