Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Escort Cards!

So, after a long, long think and trial and error, we've decided to go with these lovely escort cards~! Yes, it's more arts and crafts, but I just love them, and think they'll go beautifully with our expresso and lavender color scheme, our rustic fall feel, the lighted tree branches, and the whimsical design of our other decor elements. I also feel that we need to bring out the expresso color a bit more, and had we gone with the lavender bunches as escort cards, it would have been too much purple, and too much floral!

So, next steps for our awesome leaf-making project:
  • Cancel lavender order with Judy (this will save us $160)
  • Purchase expresso and purple stock paper
  • Borrow Somer's cool white pen!
  • Determine how to display the leaves--either (a) on a table, (b) arranged and pinned in a wreath, on an easel, (c) hanging from a lighted tree branch, (d) hanging from potted tree branches, (e) pinned on ribbon on an easel.
  • Distribute Martha's awesome instructions.
We welcome your thoughts!

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