Thursday, May 14, 2009

Horse and Carriage, Horse and Carriage, Go Together Like Love and Marriage

Yes, it's true. We're renting a horse and carriage. Don't judge me. My reasoning is sound:

1. Grandma Pansy and Granny Alice need assistance with all that walking.
2. A horse & carriage is better than a golf cart.
3. Horses are cool.
4. Carriage are cool.
5. End of story.

So, today I booked Harmon's Carriages for 5-7 on October 3. A little before 5, a horse-drawn vis a vis carriage will pull up to the Carriage House, ready for pictures. It will escort Jen, Granny, and Grandma to the ceremony garden, and then dad and me just after--or maybe all together? We have much to work out. After the ceremony, Chris and I will take a spin around the grounds so we can catch our breath. After the cocktail hour, the carriage will escort Jen and Grandma back to the Carriage House for our 7 p.m. reception, and maybe come to collect Chris and I after. I'd prefer to walk arm-in-arm with Chris and with our guests to the beat of a fiddler, but again, we have much to work out!

But in short, we've got horseys,

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Ally Armistead said...

Actually, hold the carriage/horse thought; we might not be getting them. Some grandma and pregnant sis mobilities issues have been raised. Stay tuned.