Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 21st! Our First Dance Lesson

So, we're all signed up and ready to boogie at Now & Then, a quaint studio in Merrifield. Our first lesson is trial-based, free, and hopefully will give us a taste for what's to come.

I have to say that their package deals are very reasonable, and I approve of their approach to couple's dance instruction: private lessons, group lessons, and "application" performances, whereby couples attend Friday night dance gatherings and show off their latest moves.

For $250, we get
  • 3 hours of private instruction
  • 3 hours of group instruction
  • 3 hours of party dancing nights
If all goes well, we'll get to work with our private dance instructor to help us choreograph a few moves for our first dance--which is thousands of dollars cheaper and a lot quicker than 6-7 months of consistent instruction. Plus, Chris and I can always practice, which I'm TOTALLY looking forward to.

We'll keep you posted! Our first lesson is the 21st, next Thursday at 8 p.m. Wish us luck!

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